Anani Borisov

I finished National School Of Fine Arts "Ilia Petrov" with speciality "Illustration" and - at the moment, I am studying "Printed graphics" in National Academy Of Arts


My name is: Anani Borisov

My birthday is: It was some time ago

I was born in: Hospital

How long have I been drawing? Since last century.

By hand or by tablet? By hand

Left or right? Right

Which school did I last finish? NSАА

Officially, work at: Disaster Crew.

Pro or Lame: Pro



My day

The first thing I do after waking up: Check the time, don’t skip to watch a film.

On foot or by da Transport: By foot.

Drinking: If you want beer, I’ll give it to you (proverb).

Eating: The one, available.

I listening to: ...the music, on the radio.

When, it rains on me: ...I don’t have an umbrella.

When, I find a bag of cash:  ...I will not write it, here.

Last thing I do, before going to sleep:  Check the time.

Small joys

Music: Soundtrack of a film.

Movies: A series of short films “Dinko in a trunk”.

Site: youtube

Book: From Slaveikov square.

My place to wander: Somwhere, there.

  My secret place: No comment…

Sports: Boxing.

Hobby: Appropriate.

Quote: “Let’s cook”(Heisenberg)

Direction: Up.

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? Because, they make me feel alive.

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? Becks, peanuts and pop-folk.

My best moment, ever is: When, I went to Pravets.

People, I consider awesome: Walter White, Dedpul, Frank Miller, Ivo Andonov, Ceca.

The best use of 5 minutes is: To plant a tree.

Within a week I manage to write: This questionaire.

If I were a superhero, my power would be: Jedi mind tricks.

My plan to save the world includes: Whatever comes.


Sea \ Water

Fire \ Oven

Wind \ Boredom

Sun \ Shadows

Dough \ A sack, full of money

Funny \  A man in a trunk

Freedom \ Comics

Coziness \ Book

Forte \ Star Wars

 Contents \ GMO

My drawings

Video card

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