Diyana Naneva

Functional Neighbour, as close, so far.


My name is: Diana Naneva

My nickname is: Naneva / Functional Neighbour

My birthday is: 13 november

I was born in: in the snow

Under which sky have I been recently wandering?  Not the one I really want..

How long have I been drawing? Eternity.

By hand or by tablet?  Mostly hand.

Left or right?  Right.

Which school did I last finish? School of life, season 22

Officially work at: My Cave.

Pro or Lame: Definitely Lame…



My day

The first thing I do after waking up: Trying to remember what I was dreaming.

On foot or by da Transport: By foot!

Drinking:  Pour me with wine.

Eating: Early in the morning…and a bit too much.

I listening  to: Military marches

When I get scorned: I might start shaking.

When it rains on me: I watch out it won’t drop on my halo

When I find a bag of cash: …I guess it’s time to wake up?

 Last thing I do before going to sleep:  At least one must know that I love him.

Small joys

Music: Meaningful

Movies:  Hard to watch


Book: Crime and Punishment

 My place to wander: Unknown cities with unknown people

My place for art:  With good surroundings

  My secret place:  Еverything is in my head.

Sports:  Running till I faint

Hobby:  Does writing lame poetry count?

Quote: „Ни съ пръй” 11 god rule

Direction:  To the idea of Home

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? A huge spectre of all kind of arts in one place

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll?

My best moment ever is:Everytime I think it’s going bad, but it happens the exact opposite…

People I consider awesome:  Dostoevsky, Todor Hristov, Alexander Ignatov...and it’s good that I know the lst two and they’re alive!

The best use of 5 minutes is: Making a good decision

Within a week I manage to write: I’m pretty sure that something interesting happened at least for a single short story.

If I were a superhero, my power would be:  A good memory and controlling time itself sound useful to me

My plan to save the world includes:  Compromise cookbook


Sea \ Home

Fire  \ Inspiration

Wind \ Dust

Sun \ Boy

Dough \ Trouble

Funny  \ Tragic

Freedom \ Guilt

Coziness \ Friend

Forte \ Responsibility

Contents \ Full

My drawings

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