Iliyan Betovski

I like drawing, but I’m too lazy to learn it. I belong to those people, who would like to have a button, by pushing which I could start drawing, extremely well. However, until this day - such a button has not appeared. Otherwise, I would push it.


My name is: Ilian

My nickname is: uah

I was born in:  City of Knezha.

Under which sky, have I been recently wandering? The Bulgarian, the Sofia’s.

How long have I been drawing? For a long time.

By hand or by tablet? More on a computer.

Left or right? The right.

Which school did I last finish? National Commerce Bank School, Sofia.

Officially work at: I am a programmer. It is not connected with drawing.

Pro or Lame: If I say pro, it’ll be boldly. Rather clumsy. There is still so much to learn.


My day

The first thing I do after waking up: My culture does not allow me to answer this question.

On foot or by da Transport: By car.

Drinking: When it is available.

Eating: I am not fastidious. I eat, because it’s necessary.

I listen to: Whatever comes. I turn on youtube at random.

When, I get scorned: Who likes being scorned.

When, it rains on me: I get depressed.

When, I find a bag of cash: I am scared of finding a bag of money. If I found one I would think that, I would spend them in a better way… So, it’s better not to find one…

The Last thing I do, before going to sleep:  Reading about programming or fiction.

Small joys

Music: What comes on youtube.

Movies: The same as family likes.

Site: Once, I had - but, not anymore.

Book: Lately I’ve enjoyed Azimov.

My place to wander: At home.

My place for music: I don’t make music.

  My secret place: In front of the computer.

Sports: I don’t play sports, I’m lazy.

Hobby: I draw, take pictures, read, walk.

Quote: “There is always a better way to do things.”

Direction: Always go forward and up .

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? They told stories with pictures:)

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? Sex exhausts you, drugs dissociate from reality so it seems the third one is left.

The most terrific moment  moment ever is: May be it’s going to happen.

People, I consider awesome:  Ivan Koritarev.

The best use of 5 minutes is: When, you have learnd something new.

Within a week I manage to write: A lot of things. I am a programmer.

If I were a superhero, my power would be: Quick reading. I read slowly and it pisses me off.

My plan to save the world includes: To make others better by sharing my knowledge with them.


Sea \ Dolphin

Fire  \ Pain

Wind \ Hairstyle

Sun \ Beach

Dough \ Computer

Funny  \ Mournful

Freedom \ Bird

Coziness \ Home

Power \ Brain

Contents \ Coated with knowledge 

My drawings

Video card

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