Ivan Koritarev

Am what I am, feel no need to be something else...


My name is: Ivan Koritarev

My nickname is: Drazen or DrazeBot

My birthday is: February 21

I was born in: The Emergency Room, after my mom was electracuted.

Under which sky have I been recently wandering?  Whichever, I want, mind yer own biz…

How long have I been drawing?  I don’t remember a time I have not been drawing.

By hand or by tablet?  Both. I prefer to do my work related stuff digitally. Hand drawing are for fun.

Left or right?  Both. Though my left hand level is “preschool”.

Which school did I last finish?  Highschool. I tried going to NBU, but left after the first semester :)

Officially work at: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/

Pro or Lame: So lame.

E-mail: Sorry, I don’t give out that information so freely.

www: I’m on Facebook.Find me!

My day

The first thing I do after waking up: is trying to get out of bed, without waking the kids or the wife :D

On foot or by da Transport: Mostly by car. But, I think - walking is a good Idea.

Drinking: Not a big drinker.

Eating: Can’t go without it.

I listening  to: Metal, Country, Rap, Rock, Reggae, Electro Swing, I so on….

When, I get scorned: I am sorry I did something, that made thing come to that…

When, it rains on me: I stay home. Go to the mall. Go to the cinema. Stay in bed…

When, I find a bag of cash: There’s no bag. You saw nothing… Nothing… It’s ALL mine! Mine… MINE - I TELLL YAH!!!

Last thing I do, before going to sleep:  ...give a kiss to my familly and let the darkness take me away..  

Small joys

Music: I find it hard to find music, that I really like these days. But, as genres - I listen to all of them.

Movies: I love movies! For now, my two favorite movies are Deadpool and Mad Max Fury Road.

Site: Sinfest.

Book: Terry Pratchet is a GENIUS!

My place to wander: Bed + Laptop + Wife + Netflix.

My place for music: Toilet.

My secret place: Bean bag in front of the TV.

Sports: No favorite sport.

Hobby: My life is my hobby - family, work, friends.

Quote:  “You can do better!”

Direction: Forward.

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics?  It’s long story, I like comics, let’s go with that.

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? Sex, please.

My best moment, ever - is: They are many.. My wedding, my first born, my second born, the times my kids hug me or when my wife lands me a kiss.

People I consider awesome:  Eichiro Oda (One Piece)  Mike Mignola.

The best use of 5 minutes is: Can’t answer that, it’s too filthy.

Within a week I manage to write: Few comments in Facebook.

If I were a superhero, my power would be:  Teleportation! I would love to just be able to be somewhere. Without the traveling part.

My plan to save the world includes:  No such plans.. World will manage to be OK, without me trying to do anything.


Sea \ Sun

Fire  \  Burn

Wind \ Kite

Sun \  Sweat

Dough \ Bills

Funny  \  Sad

Freedom \  Unemployment

Coziness \ Cleaning

Forte \ Weights

Contents \ Spoilers

My drawings

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