Rafaila Raikova

Drawing has been my favorite pastime, since I was as small as a cat. I finished the National High School of Art. At the moment, I am studying at the NAA and I’m going to graduate..


My name is: Rafaila

My nickname is: Rafa

My birthday is: 10.12.1992

I was born in: Sofia, Bulgaria

Under, which sky have I been recently wandering? Under the comic sky.

How long, have I been drawing? From unknown times.

By hand or by tablet? Both.

Left or right? I wish I could draw with my right and my left hand at the same time… But, unfortunately - my power is just in the right hand.

Which school did I last finish? I am graduating National Academy of Art this term. Wish me luck!

Officially work at: Grozen Ent.

Pro or Lame: Pro in lame world

e-mail: rafiraikova@gmail.com

www: http://kck.st/1NfF9zP

My day

The first thing I do after waking up: ..is to sleep 5 more minutes.

On foot or by da Transport: ..with flying carpet.

Drinking: Often.

Eating: Not so, often.

I listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNwYKZByIf4

When, I get scorned: I get angry.

When, it rains on me: I am glad, that I am not made from sugar.

When, I find a bag of cash: Usually, I put it in the bath and then dive in.

Last thing I do before going to sleep: Thinking of the future.

Small joys

Music: Electroswing, folklore music, hip-hop.

Movies: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Site: www.behance.net/kitaiskamoneta

Book: The Master and Margarita

My place to wander: Definitely, in the book store.

My place for music: Everywhere.

My secret place: I won’t teeellll!

Sports: Running, after the bus.

Hobby: Dancing

Quote: Hungry bear doesn’t play traditional bulgarian folklore dance, but the full bear doesn’t play, too. :DDD

Direction: Straight ahead!

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? Because I love stories.

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? Everything…BUT! Consume with pleasure and measure.

My best moment ever is: When my brother was born.

People I consider awesome: Rebecca Dautremer, Iana Levieva, Tonia Goranova, Asen Petrov.

The best use of 5 minutes is: Spend that time with someone, you love.

Within a week I manage to write: ..a message to my mom, that I am not going to be at home for the next, few days.

If I were a superhero, my power would be: ..travelling trough space and time.

My plan to save the world includes: Tractor!!!


Sea \ Salt

Fire \ Fire woman (nestinarka)

Wind \ Marilyn Monroe and her dress.

Sun \ Love

Dough \ Adventures

Funny \ Tickle

Freedom \ Nudity

Coziness \ Oven

Forte \ Noble wolf

Contents \ Book

My drawings

Video card

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