Here I am.


My name is: Daniel

My nickname is: Satanasov

My birthday is: 25

I was born in:The city

Under which sky have I been recently wandering? Shop’s.

How long have I been drawing? From the middle of the second half of the last century.

By hand or by tablet? On foot.

Left or right? Without hands.

Which school did I last finish? Whatever.

Officially work at: DC.

Pro or Lame: Under cover.



My day

The first thing I do after waking up: WC

On foot or by da Transport: Teleport.

Drinking: If necessary.

Eating: Obligatory.

I listen  to: The voices in my head.

When I get scorned: It’s their last time.

When it rains on me: I melt.

When I find a bag of cash: Treat on me.

Last thing I do before going to sleep: I send everybody to hell.  

Small joys

Music: Chaykovski.

Movies: Social drama.

Site: www.!@№$%€§*.com

Book: ..of the books

My place to wander: The fridge.

My place for music: WC.

  My secret place: At the corner under the ficus.

Sports: Chess.

Hobby: To fill in profiles.

Quote: “Satanasa is always right!” - Satanasov

Direction: Topsy- turvy.

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? This is the only thing I can do.

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? File mignon with mushrooms.

My best moment ever is:The present one.

People I consider awesome: Satanasa doesn’t have favourites.

The best use of 5 minutes is: WC.

Within a week I manage to write: ..much nonsense.

If I were a superhero, my power would be: Useless.

My plan to save the world includes: Apocalypse.


Sea \ ( .  )(  . )

Fire  \ ( .  )(  . )

Wind \  ( .  )(  . )

Sun \ ( .  )(  . )

Dough \ ( .  )(  . )

Funny \ ( .  )(  . )

Freedom \ ( .  )(  . )

Coziness \ ( .  )(  . )

Forte \ ( .  )(  . )

Contents \ ( .  )(  . )

My drawings

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