Veselin Panayotov

Since, I was a kid, I’ve been engulfed by a painted and fictive world. Films, animated cartoons - with funny, interesting heroes and stories, engulfed me. Since, then I took a paper and made cartoons, I fabricate stories and played or wrote them.


My name is: Vesselin

My birthday is: 19 July 1990

I was born in: Sofia

Under, which sky have I been recently wandering? Sofia

How long have I been drawing? Since, I was in th e kindergarden.

By hand or by tablet? Both, I do it better by hand.

Left or right? Right

Which school did I last finish? 133 High School and NATFA

Officially work at: Nowhere

Pro or Lame: lame


My day

The first thing I do, after waking up: I lay down until I have to stand up. I don’t  miss to switch on the computer na enter the net

On foot or by da Transport: the one, that works.

Drinking: ..tea, juice, cola

Eating: ...caloric, tasty, unhealthy

  I listening  to:

When I get scorned: I feel bad.

When it rains on me: I am wet, if I don’t have an umbrella.

When I find a bag of cash: To draw $ on it, as uncle Srudge.

 Last thing I do before going to sleep:  I stop moving.

Small joys

Music: From Rob Zomby to Tailor Swift

Movies: Comedy, fantastic, superheroic, strange


Book: Harry Potter series, “Lord of the Flies”

My place to wander: Mall

My place for music: I haven’t found

My secret place: At home

Sports: I don’t practice

Hobby: I don’t have

Quote: “Failure is an exercise for success.” Kevin Smith

Direction: North - northwest

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? A fast presentation of a visual story. Visually limitated just from an imagination and artistic abilities.

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll?  Sex

My best moment ever is: The whole 2014 year.

People I consider awesome:  Kevin Smith, Conan O’Brien, Chris Hardwick, Bruce Tim, Jason Aaron and too many artists for enumeration.

The best use of 5 minutes is:  In the creative thinking.

Within a week I manage to write:... a script, if I need, but otherwise - nothing.

If I were a superhero, my power would be: ... speed and flying.

My plan to save the world includes: To get the energy from the sun and to give it to the best and smartest in our world.


Sea \ Fine

Fire  \ Bad

Wind \ Closing the eyes

Sun \ Shines

Dough \ I don’t have

Funny  \ Everything

Freedom \ Or death

Coziness \ Home

Forte \ Great

Contents \ Essence

My drawings

Video card

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