Viktor Novakov

I am 37 years old with legal education and work as a socialinspector in the jail of Burgas. I draw comixs since I was a child for my own entertainment, and for for my friends’ and colleagues’ fun, who are often, the main characters of my stories.


My name is: Victor Novacov

My nickname is: Viking

My birthday is: 21.12.1978

I was born in: Silistra

Under which sky have I been recently wandering? Silistra‘s

How long have I been drawing? Since I was 10 years of age

By hand or by tablet? By hand

Left or right? Right

Which school did I last finish? Varna Free University “Chernorizec Hrabur” ,sity of Varna

Officially work at: The jail of Burgas

Pro or Lame: lame


My day

The first thing I do, after waking up: Morning toilet.

I don’t miss: have breakfast.

On foot or by da Transport: By transport.

Drinking: Rum.brandy, cognac, rarely together with my friends.

Eating: I try to eat healthy food, without much fat and sugar.

I listen to: I don’t listen to the music in my spare time. Only, when I drive. I like rock and roll.

When I get scorned: If there is a reason – I keep quiet and listen. Otherwise - I argue.

When it rains on me: I run.

When I find a bag of cash: Probably, I will call 112.

Last thing I do before going to sleep: I set my alarm for waking.  

Small joys

Music: Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk, funk, pop.

Movies: Action films, dramas, thrillers

Book: “The story of The Long John Silver”. I don’t remember the author. He is not very famous.

My place to wander: The Sea garden in Burgas.

 My secret place: Home, alone.

Sports: Fitness and bodybuilding.

Hobby: Computer games.

Quote: “If you don’t create a plan for your life, it will prbably become a part of someone else’s plans.” - Jim Ron

Direction: Forward an up!

Questions and Answers

Why do I love comics? Because, they are beautiful, funny and you can express yourself – how you do see that, how you do think of it..

Sex, drugs or rock n`roll? I hate drugs and all other stimulators.

My best moment ever is: It is too personal.

People I consider awesome: Musicians, writers, and other favorites. Magazine `Rainbow` ’s team and all the artists, who really draw. 

The best use of 5 minutes is: To be with a favorite person.

Within a week I manage to write: 2 – 3 initial reports. If I don’t have report memos, opinions or complaints. Ha-ha!

If I were a superhero, my power would be: I haven’t tohught of it..

My plan to save the world includes: Total humanization, though education.


Sea \ Water

Fire \ Heat

Wind \ Cold

Sun \ Light

Dough \ Serenity

Funny \ Joy

Coziness \ Movement

Forte \ Mentality

Contents \ Relationship

My drawings

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